Lunar New Year 2024: US Celebrations & Public Holiday Status

People stand next to a street marketplace stall selling decorations beforehand of the Lunar New Year in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 8, 2024.

As the Lunar New Year procedures on February 10th, 2024, its significance continues to develop inside the United States. While East and Southeast Asian nations view the Lunar New Year as a chief cultural and monetary occasion, for many Asian Americans, it’s miles just any other working day. Nevertheless, numerous towns and states throughout the country have started formally acknowledging and celebrating this cultural event. This 12 months, discover the landscape of Lunar New Year observances inside the US, discovering which locations have selected to grant it public excursion fame.

People stand next to a street marketplace stall selling decorations beforehand of the Lunar New Year in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 8, 2024.

People stand subsequent to a avenue market stall selling decorations beforehand of the Lunar New Year in Jakarta, Indonesia, February eight, 2024.

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Lunar New Year 2024

The Lunar New Year, following the lunisolar calendar, marks the arrival of spring and is known by diverse names including Chinese New Year, Seollal in Korea, Tết in Vietnam, Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia, and extra. With a records spanning over four,000 years, it stands as one of the oldest and maximum enduring traditions, surpassed down through endless generations.

Lunar New Year 2024 party and vacation popularity in US

According to a couple of US media sources over the past two years, as the range of Asian Americans has improved, some states and towns have declared Lunar New Year as a public excursion, or are in the technique of doing so.


According to a file by means of ABC News, in September 2022, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2596 into law, formally designating Lunar New Year as a state excursion in California. Back on the time, Newsom in a statement said, “I am immensely proud of the richness of diversity and backgrounds represented in our country and apprehend the significance of wanting to see one’s personal experience contemplated in kingdom vacations.”


In February 2023, the Boston City Council officially unique Lunar New Year as a public holiday, showing appreciation for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities’ contributions. The then President Flynn spoke approximately their (AAPI) wealthy cultural variety and their battles against discrimination. This move signifies a step toward inclusivity and the birthday party of cultural history in the city.

New York City

In September 2023, New York State formally targeted Lunar New Year as a public excursion, acknowledging its giant Asian population, which constitutes over 17.3% of New York City’s residents and includes nine Chinatown groups. The city celebrates with the Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, commencing with a vibrant Firecracker Ceremony and Culture Festival.

New Jersey

This is a recent addition to the list. New Jersey, which boasts the 0.33-largest in step with capita population of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders inside the state, has announced the graduation of Lunar Year 2024 as a public vacation. Governor Phil Murphy signed a joint resolution to formalize this popularity.


According to an ABC tale, in June 2023, Colorado formally became the second one kingdom to have a look at Lunar New Year as a nation vacation.

Washington State

Even even though it is no longer legitimate but, it seems in all likelihood to be identified officially very soon. Lawmakers in Washington have proposed regulation to make Lunar New Year a country excursion, led by way of Representative Thai. As per the officials via Seattle Times, this would, “spread cognizance of the vacation, verify cultural heritage, and foster a feel of belonging among Asian Americans,”

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