Top Ten Warmest Seasons with 60 Degrees on the Horizon

The rising temperatures turned the winter surprisingly warm, as Nykea Heimer strolled casually around the lake, clad in nothing but a hoodie.

One study the ice, and also you might imagine twice before venturing out walking.

It become so heat, Nykea Heimer was walking around the lake with only a hoodie.

“I’m warm definitely. I ought to take this off and be satisfactory,” Heimer said.

Meanwhile, in downtown St. Paul, it is the identical tale.

You could say the folks at the St. Paul Winter Carnival are not having a meltdown about it all, both. The warm climate approach commercial enterprise as regular. Nothing is getting canceled, organizers said Thursday.

“I find it irresistible even more whilst it is wacky and warm,” stated Lisa Jacobson with the Winter Carnival. “After surviving closing yr when it became a polar vortex, we’re going to take it. We’re excited we are making it paintings.”

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This yr already ranks as one of the pinnacle 10 warmest winters on record, and if the season ended Thursday, we might rank as the least snowiest iciness ever recorded within the Twin Cities.

But will all this warm weather remaining? That’s a query for WCCO’s Director of Meteorology Mike Augustyniak.

“The forecast for February, April, May is for above common possibilities for warmer than average temperatures, so basically more of what we’ve got been experiencing,” Augustyniak stated.

While every other bloodless stretch is possible, February looks slight, too.

“We’re probably looking at daytime highs which are greater inside the 30s and 40s given what this pattern is signaling,” said Augustyniak, in regard to next month.

Our first 60 diploma reading will be just a month away.

“I’m now not inclined to place money on this, however if we’re just at a bar having this communique, I would say that it is more likely that we see that first 60 in overdue February or early March, in preference to mid to late March, when is while we historically see it,” Augustyniak stated.

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